Tuesday, February 5, 2008

new photo blog link

I scanned some other images, but they're not in this post. Blogger has been sucking lately. Sucking hard. I can't get it to post my four images. It just hangs there. I've also had other issues with getting locked out of y'all's blogs... basically, Blogger is, for me anyway, a kind of a bitchy platform when it comes to photoblogs.

So I'm moving off Blogger and onto Tumblr.

the new link is joeycastillo.tumblr.com

Tumblr is easier for me, and better. It's more conducive to my style. It allows me to upload audio and throw in words in prettier ways. The overall design is nicer. And so far it seems to do a better job with the colors in my photos.

Find me there from here on out. And if you're following me in the Mac Mail reader or some other kind of feed reader, here's the RSS link.


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